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Valdespino Fino Inocente Dry 10 yrs.jpg

Valdespino Fino Inocente Dry 10 yrs

Valdespino Fino Inocente is a complex, fresh and persistent wine. Intense on the nose. The notes of dried fruit and nuts stand out on an elegant chalky background. 

Niepoort Ruby Port.jpeg

Niepoort Ruby Port

At Niepoort we believe that the colour of the Port should be inspired by the "ruby stone".

Valdespino PX El Candado.jpg

PX El Candado

Valdespino Pedro Ximénez El Candado is a sweet wine with a very intense colour and notes of raisins accompanied.


Tawney Port

To produce a Port Wine with a fine and balanced flavour, Niepoort Tawny ages in oak casks for 3,5 years. Freshness, lightness and balance are the key elements of this wine.

Valdespino Moscatel Promesa.jpg

Moscatel Promesa

Sweet, aromatically floral sherry made from the ancient Moscatel variety. Divine when paired with walnut cookies.

Niepoort Late Bottles Vintage '17.jpg

Niepoort Late Bottles Vintage '17

Producer tasting notes: "Dark ruby in colour with a red rim, this LBV brings dark chocolate aromas to the foreground, along with fruits of the forest and a spicy character. 


Niepoort White Port

White port is made from white grapes: Malvasia, Viosinho and Gouveio. The juice is fermented as a white wine until the fermentation is stopped by the addition of pure grape brandy.

Barbieto Rainwater Res Med Dry 5 yr.jpg

Barbieto Rainwater Res Med Dry 5 yrs

Barbeito 5 Years Rainwater Reserve Medium Dry is a golden coloured fortified wine that is very aromatic.

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