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Blutwurz Black : Herbal Liqueur

For the manufacturing process Bavarian “Blutwurz roots” are copped and stepped in pure alcohol for 3 weeks. After deriving the root of its essential oils, flavor and color, we only add spring water, pure alcohol and sugar to reduce the strong flavor of the distillate to a drinkable and enjoyable intensity. Moreover, the high alcohol percentage its can also be light up before drink. This can bring you to get more experience about herbs.
Redesigned Blutwurz in a black bottle, the classic taste and fresh design is worth two awards from the world drinks awards. The black ceramic bottle of Blutwurz black & red are representing modern Bavaria, the urban side. 

  • Product Info:

    • ABV : 50% Alc.

    • ML : 7000 ML

    • Bottles : -

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