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Alipus San
Andres Blanco

Made of espadin agave grown at 1,036m in the chalk rich soil south of Oaxaca.


Alipus San Luis Blanco

The Alipús range celebrates the small producers of Oaxaca – this one is made by Don Baltazar Cruz Gómez. 


Los Danzantes Anejo

Made from semi-wild espadin agave harvested in the central valley of 
Oaxaca, the añejo is made from the same base as the joven.


Don Amado Anejo

Made from espadin agave that is roasted in palenques, distilled in ceramic pot stills and aged in American oak ex-brandy barrels.


Alipus San Baltazar Guelavila Blanco

Made from shade grown agave at 1,622m that is baked in underground ovens.

los-danzantes-nuestros-mezcales-new copy

Los Danzantes Blanco

Made of espadín agave from the central valley of Oaxaca, production is entirely artisanal.


Don Amado Blanco

Don Amado Arroqueno is very smokey with lots of earthy notes. It’s soft and very easy to drink. This is a great agave from a reputable palenque.


Alipus San Juan del Rio Blanco

This mezcal is made entirely from espadin agave grown in the iron rich soil of the river town of San Juan. 

los-danzantes-nuestros-mezcales-new copy

Los Danzantes Reposado

Made from  espadín agave harvested in the central valley of Oaxaca,
production is entirely hand crafted and artisanal. 


Don Amado Reposado

Made from espadin agave that is distilled in ceramic and bamboo pot stills that are handmade from the clay soil at Las Joyas.

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