Widges London Dry Gin

A genuine London Dry Gin, juniper-forward with balanced dry, pine and citrus qualities.


Citadelle Reserve Gin

Citadelle Reserve Gin is is a small batch French gin produced by Maison Ferrand. Citadelle Reserve is the aged expression of Citadelle.


Kavalan Gin

Kavalan Gin’s pedigree comes from the highest quality pure spirit


St. George Botanivore Gin

Made of 19 botanicals, the juniper, bay laurel, and cilantro enjoy a steam bath to extract lighter aroma and flavors, while the rest go right in the still.


Granit Gin

GRANIT Bavarian Gin is matured for several months in traditional earthenware vats before being filtered through granite stones of varying sizes.


Dancing Sands 
Dry Gin

A highly aromatic nose, bursting with green manuka leaves and juniper.

mikkeller_botanicalginsimcoe copy.png

Mikkeller Spirits: Gin

High quality gin, handmade using a small copper still one small batch at a time.


Grandma Jinn

Created as a collaboration between Lamai Thai Spirits and Bootleggers Trading


Citadelle Wild Blossom Gin

The folks behind Citadelle Gin have once again donned their experimentation hats and created a marvellous variation on their classic recipe.


Rogue Spirits
Pinot Spruce Gin 

Pinot Spruce Gin carries a slightly more robust body and mouth-feel.


St. George Dry Rye Gin

A base of 100% pot-distilled rye makes this a gin for whiskey lovers


Dancing Sands Barrel Aged Gin

Aged for 3 months, two types of casks were hand-selected: used 14-year Murderer’s Bay Gold Rum barrels and new French Oak barrels.


Dancing Sands 
Wasabi Gin

An initial wasabi kick greets you, carried by the underlying juniper berries.


Citadelle Original Gin

Citadelle Original is a small batch French gin produced by Maison Ferrand.


Citadelle Ext. No Mistake Old Tom

Alexandre Gabriel’s challenge was to set it in context by starting from a base of a popular gin of the 19th century. 


 Rogue Spirits Spruce Gin

Our Spruce Gin opens with an aroma of fresh juniper blossoms and subtle citrus notes. 


St. George Terroir Gin

Terroir is inspired by a beautiful part of the San Francisco Bay Area, Mt. Tamalpais. 


Dancing Sands Chocolate Gin

A full bodied dark chocolate taste with hints of tea lingering in the background and juniper undertones. 


Dancing Sands 
Saffron gin

The gin has a brilliant golden hay colour that reflects its taste profile. You’re greeted with the unmistakable nose of saffron.