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Pierre Ferrand Original 1840 Cognac

Pierre Ferrand Original 1840 Cognac is a historical mixing spirit from Maison Ferrand.


Laird's 86 Proof Straight Applejack

The return to the Laird family’s historic roots.  Prior to and post Prohibition, our American Applejack was a straight apple brandy produced at the proof of 86. 


St. George Pear Brandy Eau de Vie

This unsweetened spirit is stunningly fruit-forward, with all the complexity of a perfectly ripe pear.


Laird's 100 Proof Straight Applejack

This product is 100% apple brandy, aged for a minimum of 4 years in charred oak barrels, then bottled at 100 proof.  


Laird's Jersey Lightning White Apple Brandy

Made from tree ripened apples, it explodes with the aroma and flavors of cooked apples, figs, and peaches, while remaining incredibly soft and full in the mouth. 


Laird's 80 Proof Applejack

Applejack, known as, “America’s First Spirit”, has been a part of American culture prior to earning our independence. 


St. George Raspberry Brandy Eau de Vie

Crafted from raspberries you could find in the dark, St. George Raspberry Brandy is intensely ripe, lush, and focused.

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